Even today there are many incredible natural events and mind-blowing, mysterious sights for which the world’s scientists cannot offer any explanation. Most stunning events are actually quickly explained once researched. There are times though when even modern science is unable to provide any specific answers as to why or how something happens.

That’s exactly what makes our world so exciting albeit sometimes perplexing. As this goes to press the following 10 occurrences have yet to be adequately explained by science. Read on and see if you are able to come up with any explanation for these mysterious natural phenomena that scientists cannot explain.

1. The Morning Glory Clouds

The aptly-named Morning Glory Clouds is a mesmerizing mystery. These particular clouds are tube-shaped and quite long. In fact, they can stretch across the sky for literally hundreds of miles.

These clouds are reported to be found mainly in the sky above Australia when they transition from their dry season to their wet season. The local aboriginals believe that the appearance of these clouds is an omen that foretells an increase in the bird population.

Other than that theory, scientists have yet to conclusively prove exactly how they are formed.

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