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“And now for something completely different . . .” it’s unique little houses that will surely make you look twice! Recently, there has been a significant surge in what some are now referring to as “the tiny home movement.”

Whether it be a floating cabin or a camouflaged hut, more and more individualistic home designs are coming to the fore. Flying in the face of standard home dimensions, diminutive designers are increasingly letting their overactive imaginations go crazy and the end results are often amazing. Thus, we have perused places all over the planet to present to you the world’s most surprising and surreal tiny homes.

World’s Most Surprising And Surreal Tiny Homes

1.  Manshausen 2.0 Sea Cabins, Norway

Image ©Adrien Giret Snorre Stinessen Architecture

The Manshausen 2.0 sea cabins in the municipality of Steigen, extend out into the water, their metallic covering in sharp contrast with the rugged, natural cliffs around them. These humble, distinct dwellings were designed by Snorre Stinessen Architecture. An extension of the popular Manshausen Island Resort.  

From here, you can see sea eagles galore. The cabins feature a reportedly “eco-friendly cross-laminated timber structure and are covered in sturdy aluminum sheeting. Inside these petite properties, you will find “full-height windows” and light wood paneling.  

Each one of these award-winning tiny homes is located in a specific place and is positioned according to data on extreme weather conditions and wave heights here in the Arctic Circle. They are a safe place to stay when visiting the rugged outcrop. They are durable enough to withstand both wind and sea, see?      

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