10Top 10 most spectacular coastlines!

There’s something raw and earthy about some our coastlines. Fantastic views, rugged landscapes, and crashing waves all make for some memorable scenery. Here then, are the top 10 most spectacular coastlines on the planet.   

10. Causeway Coastal Route, Northern Ireland

This rugged route runs along the Atlantic coast from Londonderry to Belfast for a total of 212 kilometers. Here you’ll find beaches, famous Game of Thrones shooting locations, fishing villages, rope bridges, and more. See the Gobbins cliff walk on the huge basalt cliffs of the Islandmagee peninsula for over a century.
Another “must-see” is the famous geological UNESCO world heritage site known as the Giant’s Causeway. Legend has it that these 40,000 hexagonal basalt columns form a stairway created by an Irish giant looking to do battle with a Scottish giant.

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