Like to see more of the USA but want to start with the best? While sources might not all agree on which US states are the best, there are several states that appear on a majority of “most beautiful states” lists. Each state was evaluated on diversity, visual highlights, and man-made and natural beauty. So read on and see if you agree with this list of the top 20 most beautiful states in the USA.

The Top 20 Most Beautiful States in the USA

1. California

California tops the list of most beautiful states in the USA today. The state spans an area of roughly 163,696 square miles so it is large enough to offer visitors just about any type of landscape they could imagine. (Your rovin’ writer, currently based in California, can see snow-capped mountains, the desert, a teeming metropolis, and a beach all within one day, in fact.)  

Here you can find plenty of culture and entertainment in Los Angeles, a city with rolling hills, such as San Francisco, and an odd, arid landscape such as Joshua Tree too. California includes forests, lakes, parks, and vineyards too. Yosemite National Park is one of the best places to experience the state’s natural beauty. There’s also Lake Tahoe, Mount Shasta, Napa Valley, and the Redwood National Forest. Be sure to stop and visit the famous General Sherman Tree in stunning Sequoia National Park, too, and see some of the world’s largest trees!

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