2Spray Falls, Mount Rainier National Park

Spray Falls is in the northwest Mowich Lake area of the park. You’ll have to hike for 2.25 miles to reach the 350+-foot waterfall. The journey begins on a section of the well-known Wonderland Trail. It’s perhaps most known for being the only trail that actually circles massive Mount Rainier.

The trail will lead you past the popular Eagle’s Cliff overlook, which offers hikers an exceptional view. Follow the short spur trail and soon you will notice a misty cloud for which the waterfall gets its name. If you want a closer look, you will have to work your way around some huge boulders.  

Make a day of hiking to and from the falls. You can even follow the trail beyond the falls into Spray Park’s alpine meadows. Visit during the summer and enjoy the wildflowers in full bloom.

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