If you enjoy clarifying coastal walks or strolling with someone special hand in hand in a new locale, then read on, fellow traveler. If you’re in the US, the coastline views are both varied and distinctly memorable. To help you narrow down your choices, here are 30 beautiful coastal walks in the USA.

30 Beautiful Coastal Walks in the USA

1.  The Overlook Trail, California

This hike is not only the most scenic in Big Sur but also one of the shortest. The Overlook Trail hike to McWay Falls is not even half a mile each way. You will walk through Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park and along a short, elevated walkway high above the water. If you’re tired of hearing how the views at the end of challenging hikes are worth it, then this one’s for you. It’s short, unchallenging, and the view of the creamy sand, blue-gray water, and McWay Falls is wonderful.

2.  The Southend Loop, Georgia

Salt-sprayed, mossy Cumberland Island, just off Georgia’s southern coast, is the state’s largest barrier island. It’s home to about 150 wild horses and this popular 4.5 mile-hiking trail. It’s great for overnight hikers and day-trippers alike. Here you’ll see the maritime forest, the marshland, the beach, and the Dungeness Historic District, home to what’s left of a mansion from the 1800s still owned by the well-known Carnegie family.

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