By now our regular readers know that Europe has some incredibly beautiful landscapes that include everything from epic alpine scenery and fairytale-like forests to romantic island paradises.  Still, we have no intention of sitting on our laurels and taking it easy.  We know that there are still a lot of natural wonders out there that you have yet to hear much about yet.  With that thought in mind, here are 17 of the most underrated natural wonders in Europe.

Bornholm, Denmark

Bornholm is a Danish isle situated in the Baltic Sea.  It’s northeast of Germany, and south of Sweden.  It stretches over an area of 227+ square miles (over 588 kilometers).

Bornholm has remarkable beaches too.  The sand is so fine there that Napoleon is rumored to have used its sand in all his hourglasses.

Las Médulas, Spain

Las Médulas is a historic Spanish gold mining site.  It is located close to Ponferrada in the comarca of El Bierzo. It was also once Spain’s most important gold mine and the largest open-pit gold mine in all of the Roman Empire.  Its unusual shape is due to the specific mining techniques the ancient Romans used to mine gold from the mountains.

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