ancient ruins

I wanna run on the sacred dunes/Through the ancient ruinsLord Huron (2012)

You won’t find world-famous Machu Picchu in North America. Still, the continent includes an exceptional array of other ancient ruins. Be it olden Viking settlements in Canada or Mayan ruins in Mexico, there is much to see here too. So join us now, then, as we explore some of the awesome ancient ruins of North America.

Awesome Ancient Ruins of North America

1.  Montezuma Castle National Monument, USA

Ensconced between Flagstaff and Phoenix in Camp Verde, Arizona, this less-famous place features one of North America’s preserved ancient cliff dwellings. Its namesake building stands five stories tall and is actually carved into a limestone cliff. It has approximately 60 rooms that were probably built over a period of many years, starting about 1,100 AD.  

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