Everyone enjoys travel. When times are tough–and even when they aren’t–it’s good to travel to destinations where you can get the most bang for your buck. Here then, are 25 places where Hipmunk reports your dollar will go far.


Exchange rate: 1 USD = 1.31 CAD
Canada offers travelers numerous options. Hipsters enjoy Halifax, Nova Scotia. Art buffs and foodies head for the city of Toronto and coastal explorers enjoy the glory of Vancouver.
The national parks there are especially budget-friendly. In fact, Jasper National Park, in the Rocky Mountains, is the nation’s largest park and charges an entrance fee of less than $7.50 for adults and kids are free.


Exchange rate: 1 USD = 19.07 MXN
Mexico has some affordable options. Don’t miss the National Museum of Archaeology. It’s the country’s largest museum and includes a noteworthy collection of Mayan artifacts (at an admission charge of under $4). Check out the numerous Mayan ruins on the Yucatan Peninsula complete with the popular pyramid at Chichen Itza for less than $25.
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