It’s nearly impossible to compile a list of the world’s best trees when there is an amazing array of spectacular trees all over the planet. They aren’t just decorative elements that look good and beautify our spaces. Trees also convert carbon dioxide gas into oxygen to help us breathe fresh air. Whether you are a tree hugging gypsy or someone who just admires the gifts nature, there gorgeous, beautiful and unique trees are the perfect natural inspiration for the soul. Enjoy a breath of fresh, oxygenated air while to explore the wonders around you. Here is a list of some of the planet’s most spectacular trees.

1. Flamboyant Tree, Brazil

Well, in a country where everything is flamboyant, there’s just no stopping the gorgeous flamboyant tree (botanical name delonix regia) from flourishing. Though the tree is indigenous to Madagascar, it thrives in several tropical regions around the world. The fern leaves combined with flaming orange flowers makes it a visual treat for the senses. Click On the Next Button to See Next.



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