You think your vacation pictures are a shade shy of terrible and embarrassing? Wait until you lay your eyes on these preposterous (and that’s being really kind) and utterly ridiculous photographs that will make you wonder what exactly the photographer or the subjects were thinking while going click happy and making an absolute fool of themselves.

You’ll come to appreciate your vacation pictures even more when you realize that there are people clumsier, more awkward and lamer at taking pictures than you. This is a also good learning to understand what not to do while taking travel photos. Laugh at their antics – all in a good hearted way!

1. Why on earth would three perfectly gorgeous ladies be joined by a seemingly somber looking Stingray  for a picture? If it wasn’t dangerous, it’d be funny the expressions the trio has plastered on their faces.

The Stingray didn’t want to miss the opportunity of featuring in a group photograph. Our pretty revelers on the other hand thought a great white shark was baying for their blood in the middle of the water, which is pretty evident from their look for cold fear. Click On the Next Button to See Next.




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