11. Niagara Cruises

When visiting waterfalls, what people normally expect is to see water flowing over a vertical drop or a series of drops from the high rocks or mountains. However, take things differently as you visit Niagara Falls in Canada. There is more to just sightseeing the astonishing group of three waterfalls at the southern end of Niagara Gorge. There are surely more things to do and enjoy at Niagara Park. Discover unique attractions and indulge in exciting activities that you would likely cherish.

To help you with your travel plans, check out the following Top 10 things do in Niagara Falls:

1. Niagara Cruises

Get up close to the Niagara Falls while on the Hornblower Niagara Cruises. With this experience, you get to bring home a memory like no other. Just the fact that you get to witness right before your eyes, as close as you can get, the spectacular scenery of the vast waterfalls is worth an endless reminiscing.

This Canada cruise is often included in the “must-do” signature attraction at the Niagara Falls. One way to avail this awesome ride is to get an Adventure Pass. The pass also allows two-consecutive day pass for WEGO- a bus system which takes a ride from known accommodations to the Niagara Falls attractions, and vice-versa. Prices of the Adventure Pass ranges from free (for children under 5 years old) to $67.00 excluding taxes.

Onboard the Niagara cruises, you do not only get to see the major attractions like the American Falls and Horseshoe Falls. You will also be able to spot the other natural wonders that come along with these falls. This then includes the thundering roar and the beautiful mist of the heavy water drops.

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