dangerous train

Today you can ride a train almost anywhere in the world. Indeed, travel bloggers report that there are millions of railway routes throughout the world. Some rail routes are more interesting than others, of course. Some of them are more dangerous too.

And some are more dangerous due to their location. They run through steep passes or high into the mountains. They certainly are not for anyone faint of heart.

Yes, they inarguably offer travelers spectacular, panoramic views, but they may be a tad too thrilling for anyone other than an adventure enthusiast. If you think you’d enjoy train rides that are more adventurous, then read on, fellow traveler! Here are the 10 most dangerous train routes on Earth.

10 Most Dangerous Train Routes on Earth

1. The Argo Gede Train Railroad, Indonesia

dangerous train

The Argo Gede Train Railroad is located in Indonesia. The line runs from Bandung to Jakarta. It is one of the highest routes in the country and travels across the well-known Chikurtung pylon trestle bridge. No matter when you board this train, the ride will make the short hairs on the back of your neck stand on end.  

Get goosebumps as you experience the magnificent sheer drop in the subtropical valley. The sights are fascinating. The bridge itself is not fenced. Engineers claim this doesn’t make your ride unsafe and yet you will probably strongly object to their determination.  

Indeed, there have been several accidents in the past. The most significant one reportedly took place back in 2002 when the train actually derailed. Luckily, not a single passenger was injured.

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