Don’t you want to get away from everything sometimes, in an escape-worthy world of your own with your loved ones? Imagine a luxury yacht ride in a hypnotic sunset backdrop. How about a desert or beach islands where there isn’t a single soul in sight? If you fancy being marooned on a remote island, a la characters they show in Hollywood films, check out our list of the world’s most expensive private islands that are dripping with luxury and memorable experiences. You’ll be in the middle of luxury, with a host of pampering amenities at your fingertips. Disconnect from technology and people to enjoy a private retreat of your own.

1.Wadigi Island, Fiji

They will only host six guests at a time at this swish Fiji getaway that is accessible only via a short helicopter ride from Nadi International Airport. What makes it so unusual and memorable is that the 5 star luxury property brings together the best of idyllic beaches, gourmet cuisine and state of the art accommodation.

The adjoining Monuriki Island also served as a shooting location for Tom Hank’s flick, Castaway. Apart from a dedicated boat captain, guests have 27 by 7 access to a couple of chefs and housekeeper. Priced between around $2,400 to $7000/night. Click On the Next Button to See Next.



  1. You keep using the term “swish,” which means effeminate or gay. What’s that about? Did you mean posh?

  2. Swish is a word that has always been given to flash things in our part on the world. Long before gay things were openly spoken about


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