Floating down a sun-drenched river while sucking down your favorite adult beverage (with a full cooler bobbing by your side).

Tubing has become one of the most popular summertime party activities ever in the U.S. To help you in your quest to float your boat, we did some online research to come up with the 16 top tubing rivers in America:

Ginnie Springs High Springs, FL

This privately-owned place found on the South side of the famous Santa Fe River, Ginnie Springs is a very popular summer spot to cool off for both University of Florida students and North-Central Florida residents. Just relax and kick back with a nice cold one under a comfy canopy od native Spanish moss.

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  1. I’m from Tennessee and we have some decent “tubing” rivers here, but I’m even more disappointed I didn’t see The Clark-Fork River, Montana, on here. That was one of my all time favorite, as they say in the north, “floats.” We stopped at Big Sky Micro Brewery and purchased a couple growlers. We proceeded to float down the same river Lewis and Clark traveled down while mapping those north western territories. The entire time I felt a connection and honor as to be making the same trip these frontiersman made. It was a very surreal experience. I highly recommend it to anyone visiting the area!

    • Hi!
      Thanks for your comment and don’t worry! If the article would have been longer that spot in Montana and some place in Tennessee would have been included! Thanks for reading my stuff!

    • Hi Ed!
      Thanks for your comment! In truth, we could probably do one more article to flesh out the top 25, in fact. Thanks for reading my stuff!


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