There are restaurants and there are restaurants that totally sweep you off your feet with their grandeur, view, interiors and unique appeal. They are so awesome that you will totally forget what you are eating or probably even who you are with (that’s not such a nice thing for the other person, is it?).

From a restaurant located inside the Eiffel Tower to one that is nestled in a grotto at the edge of a coast, there’s just not limit to people’s imagination and creation when it comes to dining.

Here’s our handy list to the world’s most spectacular restaurants that will make your jaw hit the floor in amazement. Be prepared to get dazzled!

1. Grotta Palazzese, Italy

Grotta Palazzese is all about the experience of dining in the midst of nature in an intriguing grotto. There are two humongous apertures swept awash by the sea, the result of which is this massive hall that has been cleverly converted into a fine dining experience.

This was once the regal venue that hosted many of Bari’s sought after balls and wedding receptions. Today, there’s a single unusual restaurant that wows tourists with its unusual appeal.

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