What can be more spurge-worthy than a yachting life filled with elegance, class, incomparable luxury and imagination? New age yachts aren’t just modes of transport, they are absolute technological marvels with their supersonic gadgets, world class amenities and a conspicuously upscale ambiance. From well-stocked bars to swimming pools to sauna, they’ve got it all! Some even feature slick Hollywood-isque surveillance features and state of the art technological innovations. Not to mention the coolest suites (with breathtaking sea views) and upscale decks. Well, when you have excess money and don’t know what to do with it, what do you do? You go and buy yourself a yacht that can make its way into the list of the planet’s most expensive toys. Here’s our expert compilation of the world’s most expensive yachts (in no particular order).

1. Eclipse (Estimated Cost – 1.2 Billion)

While the exact cost of this super expensive yacht remains unknown and shrouded in mystery, several sources have pegged it a cool $1.2 billion. It has an estimate 70 crew personnel, and is owned by a wealthy Russian named Roman Abromavich. It features among other things, an impressive private defense mechanism for keeping a track of intruders. If you’re planning to take pictures of it, you can’t. Why? Because it employs an advanced light technology for blocking any photographs (which explains why there is so little recorded information about the vessel). The vessel accommodates 24 guests, features a couple of helipads and has a private submarine no less.



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