This could well be your passport to the ultimate adventure or doom! Not meant for the faint-hearted, we bring to you some of the planet’s deadliest and most dangerous places. If you court extreme adventure or have a thirst for experiencing an incomparable adrenaline rush, these are your places. Tread with caution, for these journeys require courage, fortitude and an unflinching zest for experiencing the wild side of life. From Death Valley in the United States to Sinabung Volcano in Indonesia to Madidi National Park in Bolivia, it spells deadly adventure loud and clear. Even the most intrepid travelers will dread stepping into these potential death invitations. More than adventure, these places spell extreme danger, and a brush with all things deadly. Here’s a list of some of earth’s most dangerous destinations.

1. Death Valley, USA

Think of the aptly named Death Valley as a sizzling hot oven. This magnificent desert records the highest temperatures eve experienced on planet earth, a staggering 134 degrees Fahrenheit and 56.7 degrees Celsius. Even if you fancy yourself as the ultimate weather resistant individual, the scorching sun and extreme heat here will make you feel dizzy and exhausted almost immediately. You can’t survive the place for more than 14 hours without water, it’s that blazing! And that’s if the heat doesn’t kill you already with the first few hours. Click On the Next Button to See Next.



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