Belarus Mir Castle

This castle was constructed in Belarusian Gothic style. A later owner added Renaissance and Baroque touches to make it what it is today. Learn its history from its obvious aristocratic origins to its infamous use as a WWII Jewish ghetto.

Belgium Flanders Fields

This poppy field is both beautiful and symbolic. Following WWI, the red flowers burst forth from this former battlefield to eventually represent the price of war. It’s presently both a memorial and a frequently-visited cemetery.

Bosnia-Herzegovina Pliva Waterfall

Located in the pretty little town of Jajce, two-and-a-half hours from Sarajevo, this 60-foot waterfall is the result of the River Pliva plunging into the River Vrbas. Veteran visitors say it is a spectacular sight year-round.

Bulgaria Seven Rila Lakes

The locals say you shouldn’t miss the glacial pools known as the Seven Rila Lakes. Situated 8,200 feet above sea level in northwestern Bulgaria, they’re both majestic and rugged. Visit and be inspired by nature.



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