The planet’s second largest nation, Canada is filled with gloriously beautiful landscapes, unusual sites and culturally endowed cities, along with some of the world’s most breathtaking natural wonders. From Rocky Mountains of the west to Niagara Falls in Central Canada to the famous Gros Morne National Park in the east, there’s just no beating the country’s diverse and unique character. Spot polar bears in the rugged northern, snowy regions of Canada or explore isolated yet stunningly beautiful places such as the Nahanni National Park. We’ve not even begun with the lovely cities of Montreal, Toronto, Quebec City, Vancouver, Ottawa and more. Canada’s hypnotic charm seldom fails to impress. Here’s our pick of the 8 places you just can’t miss visiting in Canada.

1 Niagara Falls

Canada’s most famous tourist attraction (located on the US border), the Niagara Falls attracts millions of footfalls every year for its massive drops (around 57 meters) and photogenic appeal. Families enjoy walking down Clifton Hill, which leads to the dramatic falls.

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  1. Very interested in taking in some of the most beautiful views of the Moraine Lake In Banff National Park, Alberta Canada.

    What are the best times to travel to this landscape, also places of accommodations. We are located in central Indiana.

  2. I appreciate your sharing. I must say that you have shared such a nice names of places with all of us which are the best for having enjoyment. I also enjoyed myself while I was visiting this kind of places. I hope you will have a joyful time there.

  3. The most beautiful in Canada are Jasper, Yoko and Banff National Parks. Breathtaking views all over. We went there during the summer time and the weather was great.

  4. Hi!
    Happy to hear you enjoyed yourself. I have not been there for a long time. Thanks for your comments and thanks for reading my stuff!

  5. We went to Canada on our honeymoon more than 33 years ago and we absolutely LOVED it! Way back then I told my husband, “We have to come back!
    We flew into Calgary on 5/25/86 and drove up to Banff. We stayed at the Douglas Fir Resort and had a breathtaking view of the Canadian Rockies. Went to Lake Louise, which is GORGEOUS! Drove up to Jasper and back to Banff. Then took the train(then called the Via) across Western Canada and witnessed unbelievable landscapes. From Vancouver we took the 3 hour ferry to Victoria and stayed at the wonderful Waddling Dog Inn. The Buchart Gardens are exceptional! No one could have a more beautiful honeymoon!

    We have been back to Vancouver a couple times and love that city, especially Stanley Park! Canada is fantastic and I look forward to returning!❤️

  6. As someone born, raised, and living in the US, I can only advise all of you to VISIT CANADA. No matter where you go the people are friendlier ( especially in Newfoundland}, the cities and the country are both beautiful and interesting, the exchange rate is currently vastly in your favor. When I think of taking a vacation, it is never to go south but to go north. If like me you have a fondness for cheddar cheese, you will think you have gone to heaven.

  7. Yes, Canada, like many other countries, has a lot to offer! As a fellow cheese lover, I hope to one day get to write a food-related feature, in fact!


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