Are you the kind of traveler who simply falls for a fully-rushing waterfall? With the winter snow and frozen lakes and rivers melting, now is really the time to make your travel plans. In order to help you with that difficult task, here are the best US national parks for waterfalls.

The Best US National Parks For Waterfalls

1. Mount Rainier National Park, Washington


The 25 active glaciers here make this park one of the best places for waterfalls. As the glaciers melt, they feed over 150 waterfalls and cascades. Many are over 300 feet high.

You can actually see a number of them from specific viewpoints at the side of the road. To see others, you’ll have to do some hiking. Myrtle Falls is an example of the latter. Narada Falls is a good example of the former. Like many waterfalls, the best time to visit them is from spring to early fall. Other noteworthy falls found here include Christine Falls, Comet Falls, and Silver Falls.  

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