Are you interested in water sports? Do you enjoy the American outdoors but have little interest in hiking up a mountain path? Why not consider a kayak trip? Here to help you plan your trip, are the best kayak and canoe trips in the USA.

The 20 Best Kayak And Canoe Trips In The US 

1. Bear Glacier Lagoon, Alaska


Kayaking in Kenai Fjords National Park’s Bear Glacier Lagoon is like being in another world. Here you’ll discover some of the state’s largest glaciers. You may also see local wildlife such as otters and seals.

You can reach Bear Glacier Lagoon via water taxi or helicopter. The latter provides a birds-eye view of the turquoise water and massive icebergs. Once you arrive, an outfitter will provide you with a dry bag, a drysuit, a kayak, and everything else you’ll need for a two to four-hour trek. Depending on your choice of transport, your cost will be between $325.00 and $650.00 per person. Trips are available for all ability levels.

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