If you’ve been driving for long, there’s a slim chance you haven’t encountered bad roads. It can be anything from weather to t-bone clashes to structurally unsound roads. However, while a majority of our driving happens on immaculate, well-built roads, not everyone is as lucky. Many roads do not possess the required infrastructure.

Road hazards and accidents can mar an otherwise eventful journey. While poor roads can cause plenty of damage, you can’t rule out the contribution of drunken folks and human error of judgment in causing accidents. Here’s a list of the world’s most dangerous roads.

1. Transfagarasan, Romania

The road is nestled bang in the middle of the Carpathian Mountainous region. It elevates to a dramatic height of 2034 meters, and is known to be the nation’s highest soaring road. Tansfagarasan is known for its dare-devil appeal and spectacular sight. It cuts through the Fagaras massif. Click On the Next Button to See Next.



  1. I’m so angry about this article, concretely about “last most dangerous road on the planet – 15. Caucasus Road, Russia”. it’s big mistake Russia road – it’s Georgia-Russia road. Ritsa lake is in Georgia(Georgia or Sakartvelo it is country in East Europe, maybe you also don’t know), Abkhazia which is occupied by Russia nowadays. It’s so shame, that the journalist doesn’t have general education and doesn’t know different countries history and reality.
    Shame on you.

  2. Your article is incomplete becuaee u haven’t discussed fairy meadows road in northern pakistan …. its a death track only for 4*4 vehicles and leads to heaven… search fairy medows baby … thats probably in top 5 most amazing places on earth.

    • Strongly disagree
      You never discuss the roads of northern areas of pakistan
      Like babusar top, fairy meadows road,
      Upper dir road, lake saif al malook road, shogran road, and so on
      Dear you never seen such kind of dangerous roads

      • Hello!
        I am not certain what it is you strongly disagree with here. The fact is when it comes to lists, there are always limitations in both word count and article size. It could very well be the roads that you as an individual think are dangerous simply did not make the top 15 but may have made the top 20 or 25. Additionally, I do not get assigned to write sequels. If I ever do, they could show up in the future. At any rate, thanks for your comment and thanks for reading our stuff!

  3. Transfagarasan can not be passed on winter!!! Do not forget this. It is very dangerous. That is why ok the biggest level on risk!

    • I agree! I was amazed at the steepness of the road in the picture. How is it possible to drive on a road that’s at what seems to be a straight up and down level? (Is that 180°?)

      • My guess is they (the locals) get used to it. Plus, let’s be honest, photographers try to take the best 9scariest) pictures they can. It’s what they get paid to do, right? Not that I want to drive all these roads lol

  4. I do not understand meters, and kilometers. Would you please use miles, etc. also to explain the height, and so forth? Thank you! ?

    • The road to Hana was breathtaking. I don’t get motion sick but that road had so many curves and twist that but the time we made it out my stomach couldn’t take it anymore ? I would absolutely do the trip again though (with some meds to help)

  5. How do you measure dangerous? A main road near us has has 8 deaths in a year? That is dangerous, Ive been on roads in the Karokorums and northern Pakistan – way more dangerous than those fun roads in the Alpes etc

    • Hello!
      I was not the one to make the list. I simply wrote the article. I would have to say that if I was one of the people who decides I would have to first confirm your comment even prior to offering it for consideration. I would also have to establish the cause of those deaths as well. But, yes, any deaths close to home would seem dangerous to me too! Thanks for reading my stuff!

  6. I don’t think Luka should edit his comment at all, pointing out your initial error mr Phoenix, this cheap ploy at advertising revenue (15 page slideshows) should at least be backed up by proper research.

    • Hello,
      Sorry but I must now also point out that you should also proofread prior to criticizing others. As far as anyone knows, this initial error was the result of the software not properly saving a correction. Additionally, I am unsure why you claim the mistake was made by any staff member let alone me.
      I see no proof that the slideshow is an advertising ploy let alone proof that it is “cheap.” You are welcome to your opinion, of course, but you know what they say about opinions. Not only was the correction made long ago but there is no proof the incident was the result of human error.
      Nevertheless, thanks for reading my stuff!

  7. They forgot roads in serbia and montenegro … and there is more to that then these roads … there are more dangerous riad on earth then this

    • Hi!
      Not every dangerous road met the criteria at the time the list was created. I only wrote the article. I did not choose the winners.
      I guess we all have our opinions and now yours is in print, too.
      Thanks for the read!

    • Hi!
      Please note where Sochi is located. Obviously, there was something lost in the translation of the original source. We are also aware that some people call it Tusheti Road. We changed the entry to reflect the location of the lake found at one end of the road to avoid further confusion. Thanks for your support.

  8. The last 15 numbers are an error! This is the way of Georgia. If you do not know exactly, you should not write, or you should find the exact information. Google is available to everyone. My country is occupied by Russia! And shame on you for making such a mistake! Fix it if you can. Ritsa Lake is located in Abkhazia which is ocupied by russia.! shame on you.

    • Hello!
      We are well aware of the alleged error. Please note the location of Sochi. Undoubtedly, the original source was not correctly translated into English. If you have someone proofread your comment, you will no doubt understand.
      May we respectfully suggest that before casting too much shame on others, you first proofread your own missives? Our apologies that we have yet to correct the error. Thanks for your support!

    • Hello!
      I totally agree. I think sometimes we may have translation issues. That’s why I value proofreading! Againt though, I agree. Even if you disagree with someone, you can still be civil.


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