You’d be forgiven for mistaking that you’ve been transported in setting straight out of your favorite book. Austria’s exceptionally striking natural beauty and deep rooted culture makes it one of the most fascinating European destinations. Other than skiing and hiking, the national boasts of a very strong music heritage, evident in the compositions of Mozart and the legacy of illustrious Von Trapp clan (whose tale featured in the popular film The Sound of Music). It’s near impossible to pick the best places from a generous bouquet of several amazing destinations. However, our experts snooped around and compiled a list of the 10 must visit destinations in Austria.

1. Innsbruck

Innsbruck literally means “bridge above the inn”, and boy are there inns everywhere in this year-round tourist town. Globally acclaimed for being a winter sports hub (it hosted the Winter Olympics twice in 1964 and 1976), Innsbruck goes beyond its skiing identity. The place is dotted with lots of picturesque cathedrals (Hofkirche and Schloss Ambras) and the famous Bell Museum, where you can relive bell-making history dating back a good 400 years. Click On the Next Button to See Next.




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