The land of Fire and Ice, as it’s aptly described, Iceland is a destination of striking contrasts and experiences. Where else can you find active volcanic spots and massive glaciers rubbing shoulders with each other? How about dark winters (where sunlight is not visible for days on end) being counterbalanced by the shimmering midnight sun during summers. From isolated, castaway landscapes to the urban vibe of Rejavik, this is this breathtakingly gorgeous country serves you multiple travel experiences on a single platter. Expect to witness jaw-dropping turquoise beaches, gigantic waterfalls, dramatic volcanic mountains, old-world style town churches, flourishing national parks and much more. Here’s our expert list of the top 9 tourist attractions to visit in Iceland.

1. Askja

A massive caldera nestled in the ethereal looking Dyngjufjoll Mountains, Askja is a much sought after day trip option (takes around 12-14 hours to complete the entire trip). The route transverses via Iceland’s largest desert (Odadahraun), which is known to appear so unreal that Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin are rumored to have practiced here before landing on the moon. Among other striking natural features, Askja features a geothermal lake (brimming with balmy whit blue waters) dunked in a deep crater. Click On the Next Button to See Next.



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