If you’re traveling to Spain, then Barcelona is one of the  places you need to visit. Barcelona is a “must-see” for  several reasons. To make your planning easier, here’s a  list of the best things to do there.

1. Parc Güell 

Designed by Antoni Gaudi, Güell Park is perhaps the  world’s most playful parks you’ll ever see. Originally  commissioned by Eusebi Güell as a residential community  for the wealthy, the housing project was eventually  dumped after it was discovered that the property was  unsuitable for building.

Undaunted, Gaudi designed the property after the different  gardens he had previously seen in England. (The word  “Güell” is Catalan for “English.”) Rather than try to tear  down the natural elements of the 42 acres, Gaudi chose to  work around them.

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