Are you one of those people who just can’t wait for Halloween? Do you love haunted houses? Well, don’t bother with those fake so-called spooky attractions at those famous amusement parks.

An abandoned home in Mississippi. Seph Lawless

Believe it or not, there are actually genuine haunted houses all over the United States. Yes, we mean honest-to-God, dark, mysterious, drenched-in-death, haunted houses.

These are houses where various deadly serial killers dumped the still-warm bodies of their victims and places where the neighbors all swear they heard strange sounds and the unexplainable voices of invisible strangers.

These are places where entire families have seemingly disappeared without a trace and once happy homes that suddenly became the sordid setting for sudden suicides and malicious murders. Self-identified “viral photographer” Seph Lawless courageously crept into several of these dilapidated digs and creepy, collapsing quarters to put together his book “13: Hauntingly Beautiful.”

The book focuses on how spooky these spaces are. In the photo book, Lawless discusses the terrible tales and eerie urban legends that he learned of while shooting pictures of the houses. He even researched corroborating news reports in order to aptly caption his pictures.

Via his official Instagram page @sephlawless, he states: “I’m the guy you’ve seen on the news that documents abandoned places worldwide.”

Photo By: Seph Lawless

Seph Lawless is a pseudonym. His real name is not publicized. His gloomy and ominous photos of assorted abandoned structures are famous. A native of Cleveland, Ohio, Lawless personally witnessed the collapse of the American automotive industry as his father was once employed by the Ford Motor Company. This is perhaps why he is fascinated with aspects of American industrial decline and other examples of urban decay.

The following photos were taken by Lawless himself. They are pictures of actual haunted houses located in the US. Some of them are of houses where dead bodies were discarded and others are real murder scenes. They are all quite disturbing.

Photo By: Seph Lawless

The first haunted house on the list is the infamous Haught Mansion located in Brush Park, Michigan. In the 1940s this building was home to a swanky house of ill repute. Years following its closing, numerous corpses were discovered in the building’s basement. The victims’ chests and torsos had been defaced with flawless rings. Click On the Next > Button to See Next.




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