Many travelers’ bucket lists include these iconic destinations.  When it comes to most places on the planet, you can choose your activities according to your abilities and comfort zones.  These 12 bucket-list trips, however, are actually surprisingly difficult for people to accomplish.

Bucket-List Trips That Are Actually Difficult

1.  The Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Ships that travel these islands are smaller and less comfortable.  Passengers will notice the list on rough seas.  Additionally, to see each island’s endemic species here you need to take pangas or Zodiac-style boats from the ship to the shores.  It requires both agility and balance to land since most of the island shores do not have docks. 

They have slippery, uneven rocks.  Furthermore, hiking through the lava tubes and fields requires steady steps to avoid sharp landings.

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    Yes, it would be both fun and challenging. Sometimes a travel memory requires us to make a physical effort.


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