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The mobile social network Instagram is popular with travelers and the industry in general.  Its hardcore focus on little more than visuals has garnered them over 1 billion users across the globe.  Here then, are the top 10 most popular hotels on Instagram.

10. Hotel Plaza Athenee, Paris, France

Image courtesy of Hotel Plaza Athenee

The Hôtel Plaza Athénée is actually part of the famous Dorchester Collection.  This luxurious hotel was founded in 1913 and is located on the popular Avenue Montaigne, which is reportedly the center of haute couture.

Stay here and enjoy a view of the world-famous Eiffel Tower or the cozy courtyard complete with its trademark red awnings.  In the winter it has its own ice rink and in the summer it’s great for al fresco dining.  All of the hotel’s kitchens are managed by the famous multiple Michelin-starred chef, Alain Ducasse too.  The hotel has 252,000 Instagram followers.

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  1. Plan to stand in line for ballet parking coming in. Long walk through herds of tourists to your room. Allow yourself extra time retrieving car from ballet leaving hotel.

  2. Hi!
    So does that mean you have stayed at all of these places? I am also unclear on what you consider a long walk or why you would think that herds of tourists could afford to stay at all o these places. Additionally, I do not recall suggesting anyone should attend the ballet so no need to worry about “ballet parking.” Thanks for your support and your comment.


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