Well you don’t blame you for feeling all moony eyed and love struck. It is the Valentine’s month, when the world loves being loved. What better excuse to head to some of the planet’s most romantic and exotic hideaways? How about taking a trip to faraway places with your loved one in pristine, undisturbed environments that exude nothing but romance? If you are as cupid struck as us, here is a list of some of the world’s most romantic destinations that make for a perfect Valentine’s Day trip.

1. Santorini, Greece

Santorini is undoubtedly one of the world’s most romantic places, known for its blue-hued structures, stunning caldera overlooking restaurants, and unforgettable Mediterranean flavors. Then there’s the azure sea, quaint churches and the legendary sunset within the backdrop of the Byzantine Castle ruins. Book an intimate candlelight dinner under the starts at one of its open air, sea facing fine dines. Santorini oozes with romance, and it shows no sign of stopping as the world’s romance capital anytime soon.



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    Thanks for your comment! I believe I have written about those locations in other articles. Some places make multiple lists and others do not. Sometimes they make a list but due to word count they don’t make the cut off. Thanks for reading my stuff!

  2. Why always forget indiakashmir, udaipur, shimla, manali, darjiling, mumbai, Rishikesh, jodhpur, Matheran, Kerala, Karnataka, Goa, Mahabaleshwar, North East India, India had everything that total world have.

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    I am sure we have already written about India. Sorry if we may have not included all those cities but give us time. There are a LOT of cities we have not written about to be fair. Additionally, the subjects are generally chosen by the powers that be based on what their research determines is most popular. Keep commenting though as the more people ask the higher the chances we will be assigned to write about India again.
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  4. Hola mi nombre es Darío : quiero saber si es una empresa de turismo , quiero saber las promos como es el proceso de viaje , que es lo que se necesita esto es de aquí a un año a la tierra de Heidi , soy de Argentina, saludos espero respuesta

  5. ¡Hola, Darius! Sólo soy el escritor principal aquí. No estoy seguro, pero me imagino que algún día los propietarios podrían desear ampliar el sitio web para incluir un negocio de viajes. Nunca se sabe… ¡Gracias por su apoyo!

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    I did not write this article. I also did not choose the pictures. Nevertheless, your comment remains unanswered so I thought I would respond.
    Your comments are confusing. You ask a question in hopes of learning where the picture was taken and then (without getting an answer to your question) you claim it is fake. I don’t seem to see any proof of that claim here either. Perhaps that is why no one else responded.
    I responded because I wanted to thank you for making me a laugh.

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    Thank you for your comment. The writer is from the USA. The writer did not create the list though lol This website is internationally owned. Thank you for your support and please check out all the articles on the website! (“The writer” honeymooned in the Bahamas if that means anything to you.)

  8. San Francisco- is not the best place to go, not just for honeymooners but for everyone. Too many homeless people in the centre of the city. In the evening its quiet scary.

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    Thanks for your OPINION. I did not create the list. However, as someone who has traveled the world though I have to tell you that every big city in every major country has a homeless population. That is simply a fact of life today. I am not sure what “quiet scary” is but in general terms there is nothing to be afraid of really. All you can do is thank God you are not one of them and do your best to help them. Thanks for your support.

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    I know from the little acting work I have done that camera angles make a huge difference. I can only imagine from what little I have picked up about still photography people who know what they are doing can really capture a dramatic moment and create magic from the mundane. Have a good one!

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    Yes! That one is new! I think it opened last year.
    (When are we going?)
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  12. I love the places that I end up seeing on this ad to bucketlist.com my question to you is can I get the name of the resort or hotel in the country of some of these places that you’re posting that have those beautiful pools that lead to a lookout towards the ocean or that one with the lady in the white swimsuit that has a pool somewhere inside but it’s still outside that she gets to see her view? Those are the kind of places I want to go to but I need the names and places thank you

  13. Hi!
    Sometimes the pictures are specifically related to specific hotels or resorts. Sometimes a picture may only relate to a specific city or country. If it does not specify in the article, let us know which picture and article you are referring to and we will see what we can do for you.
    Thanks for your comment and your support!

  14. All these places look so beautiful. Could you please post where these places are and their website please

  15. Hi!
    This is actually an older article. Unfortunately, the only suggestion I can make at this point is that you search for the city and country on Bing or Google. I know many of these places have their won websites.
    If it is any help, we do often suggest specific places to stay in some of the other articles. If there is any specific place you have in mind, please let us know. Maybe we ca be of more help.
    Thank you for your comment and your support too!

  16. Yes! I would agree that if the list had been longer then Jamaica should be included. I did not write this article though and, to be far, the lists are generally already decided upon prior to any of the articles being written.

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