The fact that Canada is an absolute natural marvel cannot be disputed. It has everything from thriving emerald rainforests to crystal clear lakes to snow capped mountains to natural springs. Then there are the cutesy igloos and moose! The land is as beautiful during spring and summer as it is during its Instagrammable winters. Every corner of a region looks like it’s jumped out straight out of a post card. Looking to create an envy inducing stir on the social media? Ditch the routine fishing and camping tours in the United States and explore Canada’s majestic hidden gems. Here are some of the best hidden destinations in the nation that are sure to evoke the right dose of Insta envy.

1. Acid Lakes, Killarney Provincial Park, Ontario

Killarney is a one of Canada’s best kept secrets. If features everything from pristine, white mountains to incredible camping grounds to lots of hideaway cabins – all housed at a short drive from Toronto. Since the lake bottom was acidified due to the rainfall in the mid 20th century, you can witness sparkling clear waters, where visitors can clearly see their shadow as well sights of small fish species below water level. Click On the Next Button to See Next.



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